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There's a light in your eyes....did you leave that light burning for me?

i took this from you jess

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS = Favorite Spice + Last Foreign Vacation Spot
Cinnamon Managua

SOCIALITE ALIAS = Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied
E.T Couve

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS (a la J. Lo) = First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name
K. Wri (Sucks...Jessica actually got Nickname? hmm....)

DIVA ALIAS = Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen
Candy Water

GIRL DETECTIVE ALIAS = Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Last Went to School
Kitty Clark

BARFLY ALIAS = Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Drink
Dorito Root Beer (oooh....that one's sexy)

SOAP OPERA ALIAS = Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived
Mary Markle

PORN STAR ALIAS = First Pet's Name + Street You Grew Up On
Crystabell Markle

ROCK STAR ALIAS = Any Liquid on the Bar + Last Name of Bad-Ass Celebrity
Brandy Sutherland
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